About the magazine

Vulgata in Dialogue was founded in 2016. It is an international, peer-reviewed (target group-reviewed) scientific online journal with open access. The magazine is hosted by the Tübingen university’s library, it-departement, publication and elearning services.

Yearly it offers the opportunity to publish articles on biblical exegesis or on theological, linguistical, historical and interdisciplinary topics that are directly or indirectly related to the Biblia Sacra Vulgata.

The new translation and publication of the Vulgate was tackled almost simultaneously in two analogous projects. The German project Vulgata deutsch was initiated in 2011 by the Vulgata Verein in Chur and implemented together with Walter de Gruyter Verlag (Berlin). The translation project into Romanian started in 2010 through A.I. Cuza University, Traditio Center, Jassy and the Humanitas publishing house. In both projects, specific subject areas emerged, the investigation of which is also of interest for biblical studies in the broader sense and which are therefore suitable for publication. The journal Vulgata in Dialogue wants to contribute to open discussion in Vulgate research.

 ISSN 2504-5156